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    Default North Carolina GTG

    Any NC Ascend Owners...?Im thinking Raleigh..Ill rent a conference room at a nice hotel..Id love to hear Ascend products..Ive got speakers from Av123"ELTs",Paradigm,Athena,Norh,and some DIY (hoping to complete a MTM from zaphs site)..Rick Craig from Selah Audio is also up for it and can bring some of his speakers..I also posted this at the AV123 forum..Curtis I know its a long haul,It would be great if you could fly in..If there is enough interest I start working on a date..
    Thanks Lee..

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    I live in Wilmington and might be able to attend. I've got the 340SE's and 170SE's.

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    Default what do you plan to do?

    How do you plan to set this up and using what kind of equipment for testing? Are you planning on using a few receivers, or some other arrangement? Do you want subs as well and if so, which ones or what kind? This should be pretty sweet...

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