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Thread: iPod Nano (disection)

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    Default iPod Nano (disection)

    the iPod Nano is getting a lot of press. here's an in-depth look...

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    quick update...

    i purchased a black nano shortly after they were announced.

    the front of my nano looked really aged in less than 3 weeks. my digital camera was not capable of capturing a good picture of the scratches. i took it over to compare it to my sister's ipod. i was disappointed after comparing it to my sister's 2nd gen ipod so i decided to return it. she said she might live with it, but she could understand how it would bother me.

    i saw this link today about a class action suit...

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    Aaron, what do you think of your Nano after a few months of use? I'm looking for an mp3 player for my wife. She wants a regular iPod, but I want her to get a flash memory player like the Nano since she'll be using it walking, jogging, and working out at the gym.

    I've been concerned about a few things:

    1) Scratching the display and front face
    2) soldered battery isn't user replaceable
    3) Inability to expand storage

    There's a new player by Sandisk coming out at the end of the month... the Sansa e250. Here's a pic. It seems to be targeting the Nano market and has the following interesting features:

    more scratch resistant case (at least advertised as such)
    bigger 1.8" screen
    expandable storage (microSD)
    user replaceable battery
    FM tuner
    video playback capability
    roughly same size as Nano, but .5" thick rather than .27"

    Thanks for any info you can give me on the Nano.
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    hi jim. i returned it and got an ipod shuffle. i think the shuffle is great for use around exercise equipment etc. it just feels more fit for the task of listening to music while exercising vs. the fragile nano. i was always worried about damaging the nano if i dropped it vs. the same drop of the shuffle. sometimes i miss the display though. that new player you're researching from sandisk looks like a really good alternative to the nano.

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    Default Re: iPod Nano (disection)

    New i pod is hell awesome. I just purchased a new neno talk and its best apple player so far. And its cheaper then older i phone.

    I always purchase Super bowl ticket from here.
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