View Full Version : What do Audio by Van Alstine modifications look like?

04-12-2017, 09:00 AM
I have a chance--maybe--to own a neat piece of hifi history at a reasonable price, but need to verify that the thing is what it might be.

Frank Van Alstine modified many Hafler products including the dh-101 preamplifier. I searched high and low on the web trying to find an interior picture of a certified Van Alstine (aka simply "AVA") modification of the dh-101, with no success. I can't even find a verbal description that is precise enough to make an id. (I do know that the boards are replaced with new ones but that's slim information for an id.)

If anyone knows anything more specific than what I know (I just said all I know), I would be grateful for the info!

Thanks for reading.

04-17-2017, 04:39 AM
If there is a S/N on the amp call Van Alstine with it and ask if they can ID it and tell you if it has been modded. If that fails, I have no idea what to look for!

04-17-2017, 05:50 AM
Thanks Ed. As it turns out, someone in another forum also suggested contacting Frank van Alstine too. They said he was very willing to talk to people. I did so and he gave an affirmative identification of the unit. I purchased it a few days ago and it will arrive soon I hope.

FWIW, for others--yes, Frank is very helpful with regard to questions like mine. I sent my inquiry by way of this page and had an answer in under two hours:


04-17-2017, 07:21 AM
Glad to help! Good to hear you were able to talk to Frank and that he keeps good records!