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01-21-2016, 07:47 AM
Hi all, new to the forum. Love reading all these posts. I'll be building a small system over the next year and need some help. I've currently got a Marantz a/v receiver (50 w/ch) and would like to start listening to more music. I'll probably be getting the new Music Hall mmf 2.3 turntable with the Audio-Technica Spirit cartridge. I've researched like crazy and narrowed down the phono stage to either the Lounge Audio Mk111 or the Parks Audio Budgie. Later this year I'm leaning heavily towards purchasing the Sierra 1's.

Do any of you feel that one phono stage would sound better with this set up than the other?



03-20-2017, 08:54 PM
Just seeing this (a bit behind in my forum surfing). I did a ton of research on this, and ended up with the Lounge Audio Unit.
You can't go wrong with either, but I have a bias toward supporting local folks.