View Full Version : Do you need a new DVD player?

Paul Disney IV
07-05-2004, 12:26 AM
After a couple weeks of playing with my new "digital media server", I've found it to be a great machine. When I began shopping for DVD players a few weeks ago after my old (4 years) Sony stopped trying, I found most to be poorly made and unattractive. The remotes were horrible and the displays tacky. Anyway since this thing originally retailed at $450 it's very classy looking and sturdy. The Tivo is great. This is my first one and it really is a lot of fun to use. I actually use the pause feature a lot more then I thought I would, especially during baseball and Nascar. The DVD player itself is very good and I have found it to be a large step up from the Sony in terms of color seperation and general quality. If anyone is in need of a DVD player and are at least semi-interested in Tivo, this is a great way to get both at a fraction of the normal cost.

07-05-2004, 02:40 AM
That is great Paul.

I have been a TiVo user for almost 4 years....I think it is great.

What is included in the TiVo "basic service"? Is it the full TiVo functionality?