View Full Version : Products similar to Stello DP200

04-22-2010, 01:49 PM
At the moment I am using a very old Parasound preamp along with a MOTU Traveler mk3 (part of my recording setup) as a means of digital music playback from my computer. The Parasound is in fact so old that it doesn't accept infrared or serial control, so I am thinking it's time to upgrade it. Requirements for a replacement would be serial/IR control (for better integration with modern components), a built-in DAC (so the MOTU device can live permanently in the studio where it belongs), and a switchable MM/MC phono preamp. Integrated amplified (at least 85wpc@8ohms) would be nice but is not necessary as I have an outboard amplifier (also a Parasound).

In the time I have spent Googling I have come across a worthy contender... the discontinued Stello DP200, which looks PERFECT, but unfortunately has been out of production for some time and isn't anywhere to be found on eBay or Audiogon.

Can anyone point me towards other similar products or offer me a lead on where I might track down a used Stello DP200? Unfortunately April Music/Stello does not manufacture anything currently that I consider a worthy successor.