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08-18-2009, 07:41 PM
I just added a Musical Fidelity V-DAC to my 2- channel system. It is in use between my CD player and pre-amp. I also purchased a coaxial cable (classic belden 1694a) from Blue Jean cable.

I took a chance as this is my first dac, and have very limited experience dacs, and did not want to spend a lot of money. V-DAC cost was $300.00 shipped.

Went to the Headfi forums, folks there are very much into dacs, and found information on just about every dac I was considering in my price range. Though admittedly they do seem to be into a flavor of the month kind of thing.

Well how did it perform? In a word, Superb!, every aspect of music reproduction from top to bottom has improved. Instruments and vocals have become highly nuanced,not noticed before. Bass reproduction deserves particular mention. I use a PSB 8" subwoofer,not a particularly a good match for my speakers nor a great bass reproducer. My subwoofer has suddenly come to life with this dac. The bass is now fast, tight, and very tonal. Bass runs are smooth, and articulate. I have not ever heard this subwoofer sound this good. If I can mention one more improvement that would be on vocal recordings. Voices are more realistic, and have become highly nuanced.

The player I have been using for CD playback is a Toshiba HDDVD XA1 which I purchased refurbished for $160.00. I still think it is a very good CD player. Now used as a transport.and with the addition of the V-Dac has made music reproduction and my listening enjoyment to a higher level.

12-10-2009, 02:18 PM
How do you perform Bass management in your setup(Since you mentioned improvement in your subwoofer output)?
The reviews are great on this DAC, however, I'm afraid, if I perform bass management on my HK-247, then all the benefits of external DAC would be washed..