View Full Version : Please talk me out of it!

10-18-2008, 08:33 PM
I am the proud owner of 340se's for my right, center, and left and some 200se's for my surrounds. I purchased these as a trail for my home theatre system in my basement. My basement is not finished but it will eventually have a drop down screen with a epson ub1080p projector. I have them set up in my family room with a HSU VTF-1 sub and it sounds great.

Now for the bad news. I was all set to purchase a set of sierra's to replace the 340's in the family room and move the 340's to the basement but my wife doesn't want that look upstairs, she wants me to purchase some in-walls. I have a flat screen and she wants a cleaner look. I auditioned some Klipsch RB81 bookshelf's that my local retailer told me would give me a good idea of what a set of R-5800-W in-wall speakers might sound like. They cost more than my 340's but don't impress me. I love my 340's and by all accounts here, would love the sierra's even more.

Can anyone suggest a fabulous reasonably priced in-wall speaker, or can Dave make a set of in-wall sierra's?