View Full Version : Some great clearance Denon/Onkyo AVRs & at Circuit City (YMMV)

04-09-2008, 07:36 AM
I saw this posted on Slickdeals & thought I'd share with the rest of the Ascend community. I actually found an open box AVR-987 (same as AVR-2807) and got one for $190+tax at my local CC (Little Rock, AR)!!

"All Denon AVR-x87 receivers are very cheap.
- AVR-987 - $180 (open box) - $310 (open box) - $329 in the system
- AVR-887 - $100 (display, this was a fluke I think)
- AVR-687 - $110 (NIB units still out there, multiple stores)
- AVR-587 - $70 (open box/displays multiple stores)

All Pioneer VSXx16 receivers should be very cheap. I only found the VSX516 model, but others from that line should be low.
- Pioneer VSX516 - $55 (multiple stores, system clearance price)

All of the old (not horizon) Boston Acoustics stuff is on clearance. This includes some of the truly good VR/CR series stuff and all the wall mount and outdoor stuff.
- Boston VR2 - $140 ea (multiple stores, system open box price - great deal)
- Boston VRC - $60 (display - great deal)
- Boston CR67 pair - $90 (display - good deal)
- Boston CRC7 - $70 (displays, multiples, probably too high a price, but fair)
- Boston XB6 sub - $75 (display - great price, not really a very good HT sub)
- Boston XB2 sub - $85 (display - same as above)
- If you find Boston XB4 or XB8 subs, those should be on clearance too. Haven't seen any of those, just XB2 and XB6.
- Boston Bravo II's - $40 ea (displays at multiple stores, NIB at $50)
- Boston P430's - $65 (displays)
- The biggest Boston outdoor speakers were something like $150 per pair tagged at $399. I had no interest in those but they are on clearance too and are all over. If you need them have them price checked.

All of the old Velodyne DPS and VRP subs
- Velodyne VRP 1200 12" sub - $140 (displays)
- Velodyne VRP 1000 10" sub - $130 (displays, not really that good of a price)
- DPS 10 model was display was $200 I don't know about that deal but it's a big price drop

Old KEF stock:
- KEF 2005.2 - $209 NIB (had clerk check, were not on display) These showed as $239 in the system but I argued about how old they were and buying two, and he dropped them to $209.

All of the old Onkyo receivers x74 models are on fat clearance. I haven't seen any of those."