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01-25-2007, 11:04 AM
I ordered this disc and received it last night. Excellent stuff.


I knew that hybrid SACDs had a hi-rez layer and a standard redbook layer. On this disc though, there is a hi-rez two-channel layer, a hi-rez multichannel layer, and a standard redbook layer.

I was puzzled by what was listed on case....DSD Stereo list, and a seperate DSD multichannel list.....they didn't match. So I went into the disc player and changed the parameter for SACD preferences to two-channel and it played the DSD Stereo list, switched back to multi-channel to play the multichannel list. When the disc was in my computer, it listed DSD stereo songs, which I am assuming what the manufacturer put on the Redbook layer.

Do any of you gurus know if I have this right?