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09-02-2005, 01:24 PM
After more than a year of thinking about it, I bought a new car this week.

I'd like to make some changes to the audio system, add video and possibly add navigation......so I was wondering if any of you car a/v gurus and possibly offer advice.

I wonder how the woofer and tweet from a 170 would sound when mounted in doors and used with the 170 crossover.......hmmmmm.

09-13-2005, 03:58 PM
Don't get 4-way Pioneer speakers. I have them; thought they were great (22hz-22khz...RIGHT) until I started listening to speakers like CBM-170s. :p

Now, 170s in a car? That's interesting. Obsessed as well :)

Have you put anything in yet?

09-13-2005, 04:33 PM
I bought a head unit already, and had it installed. The Pioneer AVIC-N2. It does everything well.....navigation(also with XM NavTraffic), video, CD, and MP3-CD. I added rearview camera and voice control. Very happy with its functionality.

Next is speakers. The brands that I have heard that I like so far in order of preference are MB Quarts, DLS (Swedish company), and Diamond Audio. I won't list what I didn't like. I want to hear speakers from CDT Audio. Of course, all the listening was done on a "board" so getting them into the car will make them sound different.

At first, I wanted a double din chassis and I was leaning heavily on the Eclipse AVN5435 because of how good it looked...like it belonged in the dash. But it came up short in features when compared to the N2.

I also looked at the AVIC-D2 because of the double din chassis, but once again.....short on features when compared to the N2. You could add just about all the features of the N2, but it made it more expensive.

After spending the last couple of weeks on what HU to get, I settled on the AVIC-N2. Navigation and DVD playback standard(the D1 does not have this), dual/triple zone(not on the Eclipse), good iPod integration(the Eclipse is lacking a bit here as well). Also performed the motion bybass on the HU...so all functions work while the 4Runner is in motion and do not need to "trick" it. Another added bonus of the Pioneer units is XM NavTraffic.

So I am very happy with the functionality, but didn't get the double din factory look install.

I spend more time commuting now than I have in over 7 years....so I have to have good sound in the car.

Here are some pics of the install:

09-13-2005, 06:00 PM
I like what you've done so far. I do like my pioneer head unit, but it's older and isn't so snazzy.

I think I remember reading a lot about CDT and how great they were for the money. They sounded a lot like an "ascend"-type company - great bang for the buck. However, I haven't actually heard a set.

I'm trying to be careful and not getting into upgrading my truck again. That'a a whole 'nuther money hole for me. I think my truck is my other big hobby besides HT/Music.

Did I read correctly in another threat that you just bought a 4Runner? Good choice if so - I am a big fan of Toyota. My '99 tacoma is a fantastic vehicle. It has 108k mi, I beat the living tar out of it, and I think it likes it :)

Nice photos btw - it seems you were ready to respond to such a post :D

09-13-2005, 08:06 PM
yeah....I had a similar post on a 4Runner forum.

I am loving the 4Runner.